Concrete and sustainable solutions
for the world of vending machines

Treseicinque is the first Italian center specialized in refurbishing used vending machines and reconditioning their component parts, and in the sale of reconditioned vending machines.

In today’s economic climate, in which companies are under constant pressure to contain costs and businesses have to make choices that are conditioned by sustainability and care for the environment, Treseicinque is positioned as:

A point of reference

for companies, public administrations, and private enterprises who want to:

  • extend the life cycle of their vending machines;
  • set up convivial meeting areas at an acceptable cost;
  • contribute to the circular economy and reinforce their eco-credentials.

The ideal partner

for maintenance professionals
who want to:

  • lighten the workload of their workshop;
  • increase their potential;
  • concretize their commitment to sustaining a more eco-friendly environment.


We don’t just repair, we regenerate!

The vending machines and internal components we recondition meet the standards for new models in terms of quality, performance and life expectancy. Unlike the simple repairs done in a normal customer service centre, our refurbishing follows strict, complete and sustainable procedures. Each commission is carried out with the objective of renewing the life of the vending machine and its component parts, reducing the total impact in the long term and contributing to the circular economy.

Refurbished, regenerated, reconditioned.

These are all synonyms for:

restoring a product at the end
of its life-cycle to
original pristine condition

exterior appearance
and functionalities like new

lower environmental
and economic costs

helping the planet
without sacrificing quality


Treseicinque looks to the future with integrity and a sense of responsibility. This is why the company has chosen to operate in the vending sector, directing its professionalism and competence to refurbishing, a model of circular economy that rewards efficiency by reducing the impact on the environment caused by the production of new products and the disposal of obsolete goods.

New models of efficiency for the vending sector

Vending machines and their components are frequently written off after just a few years of use, or when they have been damaged. This is unnecessary and costly, both for individuals and for the community. Treseicinque deploys the combined experience of its production units and state of the art technologies to regenerate obsolete vending machines and their components, ensuring that its clients will obtain the maximum benefit from their initial investment.  

With Treseicinque it is possible to stay competitive with a low outlay and do good for the environment at the same time.

Refurbishing old and/or
obsolete vending machines

We inspect, test, hygenize all types of vending machines and if necessary repair them with original parts, even regenerating the bodywork.   

Regeneration of the internal
components for third parties

We restore boilers, coffee grinders, coffee machine parts, glass racks and chillers to their original condition, just as they were when they left the factory.

Customization for
vending machines

Graphic design aligned to the corporate identity, custom-made dispensers, ad hoc payment systems, software programming.
We adapt vending machines to any requirement.


Take a look at the reconditioned vending machines available now

The refurbished vending machines that Treseicinque offers for sale are used machines that have been inspected, tested, repaired with original parts and hygienized: after reconditioning by Treseicinque they are offered for sale with an external appearance and functionality comparable to those of new machines.

Click on the category you are interested in to visualize the models that are available immediately or on request.




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Treseicinque’s refurbishing services provide clients with access to vending machines or component parts that offer the same performance as a new product but with significant savings, reducing write-offs and the resources that are extracted from the planet to make new products.

With Treseicinque all the benefits of the circular economy are more convenient and take on added value due to:

Ad hoc and flexible
payment plans

Possibility of transportation
and on-site installation

Free guarantee
for all services


Partner professionali




Via Archimede 31
20864 Agrate Brianza (MB)

Via Archimede 31  – 20864 Agrate Brianza (MB)

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